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The premiere of “It’s A Different Day”

The Odyssey House Theatre Project 2011 debuted their original production, “It’s A Different Day,” to a standing room-only audience at 320 Studios on May 9, 2011. The play, written and performed by an ensemble comprised of teens in treatment at Odyssey House, blends hip hop, dance, jazz, classical music, beatboxing, rap, art, spoken word, and short scenes together, and takes a look at the creation of our world from the beginning, to the middle and onward.

The performance was the culmination of a three month workshop in which the teens learned all stages of the playwriting process, from concept development to stage production. The Odyssey House Theatre Project is funded by a grant from the Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Foundation. This is the third year the Foundation has funded the project.

The workshop was directed by Tom Demenkoff of PossibleArts. For more details on the project, visit the Odyssey House Theatre Project website. Visit our website to see a slideshow of photos from the workshop.

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