Odyssey House responds to COVID-19

At Odyssey House, the health and safety of our clients and staff are our top priority. See what we’re doing to keep our community safe and learn how you can help.


Where recovery gets real

Odyssey House goes beyond helping you beat drugs and alcohol. We help you rebuild your life. If that sounds different than other treatment programs, you’re right. Because Odyssey House is where recovery gets real.

Get real about your health.

There’s more to recovery than just getting clean. We’ll help you get healthy again, too, with medical and dental care, fitness programs, support for your mental health and more.

Get real about your family.

At Odyssey House, you can stay with your children while you’re in treatment. And we’ll help you learn new life skills, so you can stay together and repair other broken relationships in your life.

Get real about your future.

We provide you with education and work skills training, outpatient services and available housing assistance, so you can step back into real life with a real future.

Get real results—for life.

“Every minute was worth it.” — Crystal, Bronx NYC
Like thousands of other New Yorkers, Crystal finally got real—and that’s completely changed her life. Isn’t it time you got real, too?

866-888-7880 Get help now, for you or someone you love.

We’ll help you find a way, regardless of your ability to pay.

What’s the difference between casual use and addiction?

How can you help a loved one who can’t stay clean?

Need to talk? We’re here to help you, not to judge you.

Want to help? Join us in helping fellow New Yorkers in need. 

My drug use was compromising my future, but Odyssey House is getting me back on the right track.
My addiction was keeping me from being the mother my children deserved.
My recovery affects more than just me. I have to do the right by my daughter.
There are a lot of people depending on me. This is my best and last chance to make things right.

RFYL Weekly: The best running tips of all time

Saturday’s “Run for Your Life” workout will take place in Central Park. The team will meet at our regular location near the Band Shell, off the 72nd Street Transverse at 7:45 am. The Odyssey House Alumni Volunteer Association is hosting a 10-mile race, which...

Wellness Wednesday: Fight food waste

The Department of Agriculture says 30% to 40% of food goes to waste in the United States — and the figure is likely higher because of the coronavirus pandemic. Food waste has become a dangerous habit: buying more than we need at supermarkets, letting fruits and...

What does it mean to own your recovery?

In early September, members of the Odyssey House Art Project began work on a banner to commemorate Recovery Month. They chose “Recovery – We Own It!” as their theme. Chad Porter, who runs the art studio at our George Rosenfeld Center for Recovery on Wards Island,...

RFYL Weekly: Studying newly sober runners

This Saturday, September 19th, our “Run for Your Life” workout will be back at Central Park starting at 8:00 am. The team will meet up at the Band Shell, which you can reach by using the 72nd Street entrance on the east side, then following the transverse to the...

Wellness Wednesday: Sustainable energy snacks

Snacks that satisfy and provide sustainable energy? Yes, it’s possible! Here are a few to try: Cheesy: Popcorn tossed with spices and nutritional yeast. Fewer calories and sodium than packaged popcorn. Creamy: Plain Greek yogurt with a drop of vanilla extract,...

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