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“Focus and persistence is a powerful tool”

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, each month we will be sharing a story that highlights one of our programs or treatment populations. With high school graduations happening throughout June, we are highlighting one of our very own graduates this month. Chane, a resident of the Leadership Center for transitional-age men, recently passed his Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) and is now looking forward to a brighter future.

Recovery GED graduateFrom a very young age, Chane let his opioid addiction dictate his actions, leading to expulsion from high school and involvement in the judicial system. After being arrested for stealing to fund his drug habit, he was offered treatment at Odyssey House as an alternative to incarceration. Seeing an opportunity, Chane knew it was time to take control of his future.

When Chane, 29, entered the Leadership Center in June 2015, he struggled with the structure of the program. “When I came in, I was bitter and angry, and I wasn’t ready to change.”

But he quickly realized that this was his last chance to turn his life around, and he began to trust the process and found the support he needed through the staff. “The counselors care and want to see you do something productive for your life,” he says.

While in treatment, he dedicated himself to finishing his high school education and passing the TASC. Chane was nervous about how he would do, as he hadn’t been in a classroom in more than 10 years and had always struggled with math. Discussing his concerns with his vocational counselor gave Chane the confidence he needed to succeed as long as he worked hard and applied himself.

The breakthrough came from his math teacher. Chane says, “My teacher’s unique way of looking at math problems made problems that looked difficult become really simple.”

Chane not only passed the TASC but received the second highest score among his peers.

Since then, he has proven that his focus and persistence is a powerful tool that he can use for both his recovery and his career.

Chane is now training to be a plumber and plans to continue advancing his skills by working towards additional certificates.

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