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How we support families in treatment over the holidays

We often refer to our recovery community as the “Odyssey House Family.” Our caring, devoted staff make our organization feel like family. Angelique Diaz is a senior Family Clinician at Odyssey House. Ms. Diaz recently shared the intentions she and her colleagues at Odyssey House prioritize during the holiday season…

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Relapse & the holidays

If you’re in recovery, you may find the holidays to be a challenging time. The increased stress of the season puts many people in recovery at risk of relapse. Family gatherings can be especially worrisome. Though families can be a source of great support, it can be difficult to be…

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Recovery & the Holidays

The White House Office of Drug Control Policy blog, “Pushing Back” features a guest post from Odyssey House President & CEO Peter Provet about the challenges and opportunities the Holiday Season brings people in recovery and their families. Here’s…

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