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New program to enhance adolescent treatment in the Bronx

Odyssey House Outpatient Services is introducing a new evidence-based program for adolescent boys (12-17 years) with substance use disorders. Called the Seven Challenges, the program will be incorporated into our existing BUY-In program, which was recently awarded a three-year, $1.3 million contract by the NYS Office of Alcoholism & SubstanceAbuse Services (OASAS).

The Seven Challengesprogram is designed to motivate a decision and commitment to change – and to support success in implementing the desired changes. The program helps young adults address their drug problems as well as their co-occurring life skill deficits, situational problems, and psychological problems.
Odyssey House kicked off the program with a community meeting to introduce the program to referral sources. Attendees included representatives from OASAS, the Bronx Borough President’s office, Bronx Futures, and Bronx Community Services.
Seven Challenges is intended to avoid power struggles between the client and counselor, instead focusing on encouraging honesty. Richard Barr, director of training and support for Seven Challenges, said, “It is an empowering model – designed to help adolescents make thoughtful decisions: internally motivated and committed. We want clients to take charge of their own lives.”
Robert Anderson, director of adolescent, outpatient and admissions services for Odyssey House, said, “We are very excited about this opportunity to implement yet another evidence-based practice of the quality that Seven Challenges exhibits. The training was very valuable and we look forward to providing to great services to the youth we serve.”

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