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New community and outreach center expands recovery services in the Bronx

This spring, Odyssey House will be expanding its recovery services in the Bronx with the opening of a new Recovery Community and Outreach Center (RCOC), providing a community-based, non-clinical setting that is safe, welcoming, and alcohol/drug-free. The center will promote long-term recovery through skill building, recreation, wellness education, employment readiness, civic restoration opportunities, and other social activities.

Dr. Peter Provet, president of Odyssey House, said, “We’re pleased to build on the success of our Bronx-based services and provide individuals and families on the road to recovery with the services they need, where they need them most – in their own community.”

Recovery center staff will help individuals and families navigate the addiction treatment system and secure insurance coverage. The center will provide an opportunity for individuals and families to connect with peers who are going through similar challenges so that they can benefit from shared experiences and commitment to common goals for recovery.

Odyssey House is one of five sites selected by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, each of which will receive $350,000 annually over five years to provide health, wellness, and other critical support to individuals and families who are recovering from a substance use disorder. These model recovery centers are a key piece of Governor Cuomo’s aggressive, multi-pronged approach to addressing substance use disorders in New York State.

“Addiction devastates the lives of too many New Yorkers and their families, but recovery from addiction is attainable with the right support,” Governor Cuomo said. “New Yorkers in every part of the state will now have the recovery-focused resources and supports they need to make their recovery possible, bringing us another step closer to a stronger and healthier New York for all.”

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