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A New Day

Maxims, or guiding principles, play a crucial role in drug treatment programs by providing individuals with valuable insights and support to aid their recovery journey.

The maxims we use at Odyssey House are simple, concise phrases that hold important, complex meanings. They are derived from years of experience in addiction treatment and have proven to be effective in helping individuals maintain sobriety and make positive changes in their lives.

For this year’s Annual Report, we asked a group of volunteer participants in our treatment and housing programs to choose the maxim that resonated most with them and then paint it on a mural
to share with others.

Examples they chose from: “Act as if,” “Honesty is the key,” and “It works if you work it,” all serve as powerful reminders and tools to help them navigate the challenges of recovery and maintain their commitment to reaching their personal goals.

We encourage individuals, wherever they are in their recovery journey, to embrace the present moment, learn from the past, and actively work towards a brighter future.

And it all begins with the promise of “A New Day.”

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