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Check out our 2022 Annual Report

A New Day Maxims, or guiding principles, play a crucial role in drug treatment programs by providing individuals with valuable insights and support to aid their recovery journey. The maxims we use at Odyssey House are simple, concise phrases that hold important, complex meanings. They are derived…

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Our 2021 Annual Report is now online

Persevering to Provide Care and Hope The last two years have changed how we all live, work, and look at the world, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to the health of our clients and community. When NYC shut down, we continued to focus on what…

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Check out our 2018 annual report

We Keep the Door Open, For Everyone For 52 years, Odyssey House has been helping New Yorkers tackle substance abuse and mental health problems so they can start their lives over again. We run programs that help people rebuild their lives, design and construct facilities where…

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Our 2017 Annual Report is now online

Reaching out, making connections, and following through with treatment and housing services that change lives is demanding work. The men and women who work in Odyssey House’s community-based programs understand what is at stake when substance misuse or mental health problems are not treated. While they see the pain…

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