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Wellness Wednesday Tip: Planning Tips for Your Virtual Race Route

Just like planning a training run, walk or ride, there are many ways to lay out a virtual race. Here are four options for route planning. This might come in handy for your virtual Run For Your Life 2021!

Strava Routes: Using this Strava feature, you can find routes that others near you have completed, and if you’re a premium member, you can even draw a route with your finger on a map and it’ll tell you how far it is. (Other features can be found on MapMyRun and RunGo.)

Do a Loop: A looped course can be repetitive, but it offers the advantage of stashing a water bottle on your route if you don’t feel like carrying one. Whether that’s putting it behind a bush or having your family members in the front yard, it can really help.

Out-and-Back Route: If you don’t have the tech to map a route, have trouble remembering directions, or don’t want to do a loop, an out-and-back is a simple solution. It has some repetitiveness, but if you have a GPS watch, all you have to do is run, walk or bike half of the race out, and then run, walk or bike the other half back. A way to spice it up: Try to go a little bit faster on the way back for a “negative split”

Treadmill: If you choose the indoor option, consider setting up a playlist ahead of time, maybe have friends call in for motivation, and mix up the elevation and pacing to give your muscles a break. Staying entertained is important.

Source:, April 2020

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