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Wellness Wednesday: Nutrition myths

Here are 4 Nutrition Myths to stop believing before 2021. There are many, but these four keep popping up again and again.

1. “You should have a perfect plate at every meal to be healthy.” While plate models offer great visuals, they’re not required for every single meal. It’s ok if your plate isn’t perfect or even close. Focus on the bigger picture and what you do the majority of the time. Lots of colorful vegetables is a great way to go, no matter what else you eat. Having some fried chicken at lunch? Can you add some fresh vegetables or fruit to your meal?

2. “Weight is the most important measure of health.” False! Weight is not the only measure of health. Never has been, never will be. Think of it as a data point on a chart with 50 data points – the collective result of all of those points is how you measure health, not with weight alone.

3. “Some fruits are too high in sugar for a healthy diet.” Fruit is not too high in sugar. The end. And for that matter, neither are carrots!

4. “The more expensive it is, the healthier it is.” More expensive doesn’t automatically mean healthier. Brand names versus generic. An expensive smoothie at a juice bar versus the smoothie you make at home. Pricey supplements and vitamins pushed by the wellness influencer versus eating real food. Those are myths. They are not healthier.

Adapted from Allison Knott, A New Well

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