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Wellness services for women and seniors

At the George Rosenfeld Center for Recovery (GRCR), women and older adults live and learn in a peer-driven environment that provides family-like structure and support. Supervised by a caring team of counselors, teachers, and health care personnel, clients receive the individualized support and attention they need to live a healthy life—free of drugs and alcohol.

Once clients complete our residential program, we work with them to find transitional or permanent housing, stay connected to an Odyssey House peer support group, and access outpatient services. The continuum of care services help women and older adults develop sustainable connections and maintain their recovery.


Mother addiction recoveryHelping women and families rebuild their lives is a priority. Our gender-specific treatment programs for women (including pregnant women and mothers caring for young children) feature a range of services that strengthen the family unit while supporting individual recovery.

For women with children, the GRCR features a Department of Health-licensed early educational center capable of providing services to children up to 6 years old.  The center has five classrooms, two of which offer Early Head Start Services through a collaboration with Northside Center for Child Development, a playroom, and a library.

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We created the Odyssey House ElderCare Program to address the behavioral health care needs of men and women 55 years old and older. Older adults with substance use disorders often face unique challenges. Some of our clients have tried to hide their addiction their whole lives. Others turned to drugs or alcohol in the face of later-life challenges—from losing jobs or spouses to dealing with the physical pain and loneliness of getting older.

However their lives got off track, Odyssey House helps older people find a better way forward. As part of our ElderCare residential program at the GRCR, clients live and work with older New Yorkers who have said enough is enough. Family members are encouraged to participate in group sessions, seminars, and other therapeutic activities to help rebuild relationships.

Learn more about the range of comprehensive recovery services for seniors.

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