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The Royal Road to the Unconscious opens at the Haven Art Gallery

The Odyssey House Art Project opened its fifth exhibit last week, The Royal Road to the Unconscious. The exhibit features paintings, sculpture, drawings and multimedia works from artists in several different programs, including adolescents, senior citizens and residents in mental health housing.

OASAS Commissioner Karen Carpenter-Palumbo and Jerald Frampton
discussing “The Ten Most Common Dreams” by Solomon K. and Linda H.

Harbor resident and artist David R. with his piece, “Tree of Life.”


“The Goddess Fortuna Sees All” by the ElderCare Art Group

The Royal Road to the Unconsciousness will be open through January 22, 2010 at the Haven Art Gallery, 239 E. 121st Street in Harlem. View additional selections from the exhibit on our website.

Odyssey House
has an active and vibrant expressive arts program. Creating art helps residents find new ways to access feelings and a new medium to express these feelings. Many residents, who were socially and culturally isolated by their addiction and mental illness, are encouraged to become engaged in the creative process. For residents in recovery at Odyssey House, developing positive socialization and personal interactions are integral to their continued growth.

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