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RFYL Weekly: Poetry in motion

Saturday, November 7th’s Run for Your Life Central Park workout will meet on the 72nd Street transverse near the Band Shell at 9:00 am. The weather forecast calls for temperatures to be in the mid to upper 60s. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothing because I anticipate a lot of sweating. The team will continue to work at base pace running and walking. For those interested in increasing their mileage to prepare for the upcoming half marathon, Coach Andre will lead out a 7-8 mile run consisting of a 6-mile loop followed by an additional 1.8-mile loop on the south end of the park, one time around.

Poetry in motion

A body in motion stays in motion. Even when we speak, our voice travels through the air sending vibrations to those who are truly aware. Rhythm is what happens as our feet hit the ground. Then all of a sudden, you remember a familiar sound and you discover a pace of your own because no one else is around. When you think about running or walking, it’s just another form of poetry, moving words around to express our thoughts and how we feel. Recreation gives us a vast pool of activities, crafts, and hobbies that can act as a form of positive healing stimuli, especially for people in early recovery. Balance is something you have to work at for it to thrive in life. Becoming your agent of pleasure through activities supports the idea of re-creating yourself, something that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) points out in their evidence-based training (EBT).

Coach Andre’s tip

Running mechanics is something that you become more familiar with as you run more. Long training runs are generally a good time to focus on your running mechanics because you become more aware of your pace, speed, and distance. This forces a runner to focus and be more conscious of what’s going on with their body movement. Run more and pay more attention to how your body moves with each step head, shoulders, hands, hips, and foot plantar.

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