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RFYL Weekly: Bodyweight exercises

Please join us this Saturday, September 12th for a fun run on Randall’s Island in honor of our 15th Annual “Run for Your Life” 5K. Saturday’s weather forecast calls for temperatures in the low- to mid-70s, ideal for running or walking. Although we are not hosting an official race, please feel free to come out and join the team for our weekend workout.

Runners in recovery

The team will meet in front of the George Rosenfeld Center for Recovery on Wards Island before heading to the starting line, located next to the Randall’s Island Urban Farm. Please arrive between 8:20-8:45 am to join our pre-race stretch routine with Ms. Kemp. Water, Gatorade, and a place to secure personal property will be provided.

Click here to sign up. All proceeds will go to Odyssey House.

Running tips: Bodyweight exercises

Prevent common running injuries and build strength by adding bodyweight exercises to your weekly workout routine—no fancy equipment or expensive gym membership required. Here are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do to strengthen your stride and maintain better posture through each run.

Side planks

· Strengthens the arms, wrists, and legs
· Increases wrist flexibility
· Tones and strengthens the core
· Improves balance, focus, and concentration
· Stretches and strengthens the side body
· Opens the hips and hamstrings


If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness and tone the muscles of your lower body, add squats to your exercise routine and do them several times each week.

In a standard bodyweight squat, the following muscles are targeted:

· quadriceps
· hamstrings
· glutes
· abdominals
· calves

Click here to learn how to do a squat properly and see different variations.

Side lunge

A side lunge is a lower body exercise that targets the muscles in the butt, hips, and legs. It is similar to other lunge exercises in that it involves taking a large step and then lowering the body’s weight onto the leg that took the step, but a side lunge requires the athlete to take that step to the side rather than forward or backward.

Adapted from Healthline and Runner’s World

Coach Andre’s tips:

Health and wellness start from within. Try to start your day off with a prayer, meditation, or quiet time. The spirit gives the mind life and the body helps build mental and physical stamina to support social interactions with people. Strength, courage, commitment, and confidence are all power under control. How will you use it to influence others you come into contact with?

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