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Renowned Mexican choir brings song & dance to the Manor

Last month, Odyssey House hosted a performance by the Mexican student choir Estudiantina La Salle with special guest, renowned tenor Mauricio Trejo, at our Manor Family Center. The performers, 15 men and two women dressed in traditional costumes, played a mixture Mexican folk songs, pop tunes, and love songs. 

The performers were just as moved by the experience as the clients were. Mr. Trejo, right, an alumnus of the Estudiantina La Salle choir, said, “My soul was happy, my heart uplifted, and the image that will remain is all the people at the house becoming one.” 
Estudiantina La Salle is acclaimed for their exciting performances in Mexico, the United States, Japan, and Europe. In celebration of the choir’s 50th anniversary and Mexican Independence Day, they traveled to the United States to perform in New York City and Philadelphia. 
The clients and staff in attendance participated enthusiastically, singing and clapping at their seats, and dancing with the performers. 

The concert was arranged by Pro Musicis, an organization that brings musicians from around the world to perform in prisons, hospitals, centers for the disabled, substance abuse treatment facilities, assisted living units, and homeless shelters—for audiences who seldom, if ever, have the chance to hear live classical music.

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