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Reintegration services available at Odyssey House

Odyssey House client in recoveryOdyssey House offers reintegration support for residents moving towards independent living from long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

Our main objective is to help residents prepare for a fulfilling life beyond the program by fostering positive social connections, encouraging an active lifestyle involving productive activities (such as work or school), and recovery-oriented engagement (such as self-help groups). We emphasize the importance of self-care and provide a safe and nurturing environment that supports recovery.

To ensure a successful transition, we organize various treatment activities, including relapse prevention groups, family counseling, and connections to recovery support services. We also facilitate access to self-help and supportive resources within the community and offer educational and vocational assistance to aid in personal growth.

Reintegration is considered complete when our clients have successfully achieved a stable living situation, established strong connections with supportive family or friends, secured employment or educational pursuits, and embraced life in the community, whether through ongoing outpatient treatment or continued support from a recovery support system of their choosing.

We have beds available now. Contact a member of our Admissions team at 866-888-7880 to get safe, effective treatment for your clients today. Transportation to our intake offices is available upon request.

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