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Odyssey House Award Brings Enhanced Outpatient Treatment Services to Bronx Teens and Families

$900,000 SAMHSA grant will fund Bronx Urban Youth Initiative (BUY-IN) at Odyssey House Outpatient Center in the South Bronx


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has awarded Odyssey House $900,000 over three years to provide substance abuse treatment services to teens and young adults, 18-24 years of age. Bronx Urban Initiative (BUY-IN) is an innovative substance abuse treatment for older adolescents and young adults that involves family members/significant others in the treatment process.

Research studies show that involving family members in youth outpatient treatment aids in the promotion of abstinence from marijuana, other drugs and alcohol by modifying the conditions at home that can promote substance abuse. This new program will build on Odyssey House residential treatment services and provide substance abuse treatment services to adolescents, older transition-age youth, their families, and other primary caregivers as a means of helping adolescents successfully transition back into their communities after completing treatment programs.

Odyssey House treatment professionals will also promote positive social activity in lieu of drug taking and encourage the development of positive peer relationships and fostering of healthy drug-free friendships.

Dr. Peter Provet, president and CEO of Odyssey House said the federal funding will allow Odyssey House to enroll over 100 adolescents, and for each at least one corresponding family member, in services. “We have more than 40 years experience treating teens with chronic substance abuse and other behavioral problems. In that time we have helped thousands of young people move beyond addiction and develop sustainable relationships with family members and other supportive adults.”

“Partnership with SAMHSA/CSAT will allow us to deepen the range of services we currently offer at-risk youth and families, and bring additional federal dollars to underserved New York City communities.”

Odyssey House is one of 14 treatment providers across the nation chosen by SAMHSA to provide new family centered substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents and their families. “These grants bolster programs helping young people with substance abuse issues work toward recovery and productive lives in the community,” said SAMHSA Acting Administrator Eric Broderick, D.D.S. M.P.H. “This family centered treatment approach offers youth the critical support they need from the caring adults in their lives to help them be successful and to build healthy and promising futures.”

Odyssey House will implement evidence-based practices, specifically the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) coupled with Assertive Continuing Care (ACC), that focus on the young person’s interaction with his or her family and community. Families, primary caregivers, and other identified and appropriate adults are an integral part of the treatment process and their inclusion increases the likelihood of successful treatment and reintegration of the youth into their communities following the period of formalized treatment.

Young adults can be referred to the new enhanced outpatient services following completion of residential treatment at Odyssey House or other long-term programs, from community-based social services or criminal justice organizations, and directly via concerned family members.



Odyssey House provides quality substance abuse treatment, mental health, medical, dental, and housing services to vulnerable New Yorkers. Family-focused residential and outpatient treatment meets the needs of women with children, adolescents, young adults, the mentally ill, the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, and senior citizens. For more information on our services, please visit:, or call, 212-987- 5100.

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