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Odyssey House artist featured on News 12 The Bronx

A member of the Odyssey House Art Project, Jack Cooperman, was featured in News 12 The Bronx today. Check out the story below!

Morrisania ‘catman’ paints murals of cats in need of loving homes

One Bronx man, who takes care of the stray cats in his neighborhood, has dedicated a colorful mural in their honor.

Jack Cooperman, also known as “catman,” lives right around the corner from East 165th Street and Park Avenue.

He says his two longtime passions are painting and animals, and six months ago he started taking care of the stray cats that roam the streets of Morrisania.

“They were shivering, they were shaking, they were hungry. They needed love and attention, and this is the beauty of it,” says Cooperman.

From raising money for their food to turning their names into art thanks to a donation from Odyssey House, Cooperman has become well-known among the neighborhood.

Day after day he paints away, as the cats come and go.

“Sort of became a marketplace, meeting place people could ask ‘hey what’s going on?’” says Cooperman.

From that curiosity, Cooperman says the adoptions started.

He says five strays are now in loving homes in the neighborhood. However, there at still 17 more he is caring for.

With his murals brightening up 165th Street, Cooperman says he hopes to make people aware of the cats and the loving homes they need.

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