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Our Summer 2021 newsletter is now available!

Our 2021 Annual Report is now online

Persevering to Provide Care and Hope The last two years have changed how we all live, work, and look at the world, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to the health of our clients and community. When NYC shut down, we continued to focus on what we do best:...

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The Art of Dreaming

Moms at Odyssey House are encouraged to start planning for the future early into their treatment. Odyssey House graduate and mom April put it best, "My past doesn't define me - the future does." Check out the final chapter of our five-part series on the Art of...

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May events at the Recovery Center

Spring is finally here and as the days get longer, we invite you to take advantage of our latest exciting activities, including our new combined men's and women's support group on Mondays at 1 pm. You can also join us for activities like: Arts and Crafts, Wednesdays...

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The Art of Connection

"You learn a lot about yourself from other people. It's like shadows and light. You know what I mean? You need one for the other." -Lydia, Mom & Odyssey House Client Lydia, Monae, and Alexis continue sharing their recovery journeys in the fourth of our five-part...

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The Art of Recovery

The Art of Motherhood Chapter 3: The Art of Recovery "I want to be my own superhero. My own knight in shining armor sort of thing. Save myself." -Lydia, Mom & Odyssey House client There is so much great content dedicated to the art of recovery. We love seeing and...

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Today’s Treatment Models Use All the Tools in the Toolbox

Behavioral Health News, Spring 2022 By Peter Provet, Ph.D. President & CEO, Odyssey House Treatment for substance misuse begins before someone walks through the doors of a rehabilitation center asking for help. It starts when a person acknowledges their life is...

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The Art of Doing the Work

The Art of Motherhood, Chapter 2: The Art of Doing the Work Recovery is work. Artwork is work. Motherhood is work. And there is so much joy to be found in all of these effortful expressions. Maya Angelou put it this way, "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but...

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The Art of Motherhood

Our Mother’s Day 2022 Celebration is fast approaching, and the moms at Odyssey House are excited to celebrate the love, connection, and commitment they share with their children in our new 5-part series on the Art of Motherhood. Check out the first video below:...

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