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Meet Odyssey House runner Johnell. Johnell has made wellness and fitness cornerstones of his recovery journey. He established the Odyssey House Manor Kitchen Garden to support his plant-based diet. Recently, Johnell met Nowon chef and owner Jae Lee, who came to...

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Check out our 2022 Annual Report

A New Day Maxims, or guiding principles, play a crucial role in drug treatment programs by providing individuals with valuable insights and support to aid their recovery journey. The maxims we use at Odyssey House are simple, concise phrases that hold important,...

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Working together to overcome overdose

“The big step that many take is to get on the path to recovery, but support is needed along the way. Residential programs are the best support that they can get to be guided every single day and empowered every day to make better choices.” -NYS Senator Nathalia...

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I Run and…

Celebrating recovery one step at a time.👟🙌 Join us on September 23rd for our annual Run for Your Life event on beautiful Randall’s Island! Throughout the month leading up to our big event, we will share stories from our recovery runners who have...

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Listen: Why are drug dealers putting fentanyl in everything?

In the second of a two-part series on fentanyl, the Search Engine podcast features an incisive interview with a former opioid dealer and Odyssey House client who has turned his life around in treatment and is on a mission to prevent other people from becoming addicted...

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Reintegration services available at Odyssey House

Odyssey House offers reintegration support for residents moving towards independent living from long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Our main objective is to help residents prepare for a fulfilling life beyond the program by fostering positive social...

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