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Odyssey House brings opioid overdose training to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

WCVB-TV (ABC): Harvard Pilgrim Health Care offers Narcan training

With the opioid epidemic showing no signs of abating, we have been expanding our efforts to address the deadly consequences of addiction by training our staff, clients, and community members to administer a lifesaving dose of naloxone. This week, Richard O’Connor, chair of the Odyssey House Board of Trustees and vice president of marketing at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, invited us to his company to educate his colleagues on the signs of overdose and how to use naloxone to save a life.

Daphne Juste, clinical support coordinator at Odyssey House, led the demonstration. “It is important for regular, everyday people to have this in their hands in the event that their loved ones find themselves in that situation, that they could actually do something and save them.”

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