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New art director takes over

We’re pleased to announce that Chad Porter, who has been working with the Odyssey House Art Project for 12 years, has been promoted to Expressive Arts Director following the retirement of longtime director Jerald Frampton.

Chad Porter & Jerald Frampton

Over the last decade, Mr. Porter and Mr. Frampton expanded the art program from a single studio to include multiple Odyssey House facilities. Our newly renovated art studio at the Leadership Center is now serving clients and is attracting a great amount of participation.

Mr. Porter also spearheaded a visiting artist initiative at the George Rosenfeld Center for Recovery, which has hosted artists specializing in a wide variety of media, from sound bathing to sculpture.

“I’m honored to continue the work that was started at Odyssey House more than 20 years ago, providing expressive art services to marginalized populations,” said Mr. Porter. “I look forward to introducing more clients to the healing power of art and showcasing community strength and diversity through our exhibitions.”

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