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Meet our July wellness champion

The last Wednesday of each month, we recognize an Odyssey House employee for their positive wellness efforts. This person is working on their wellness goals and along the way, they are inspiring others around them. This employee is the Wellness Wednesday Champion.

Congratulations to this month’s Wellness Wednesday Champion, Michael Cubetta!

Michael is a wellness captain at Haven. He’s become much more active this summer by joining the WeWalkWednesday weekly community walking group in East Harlem. Michael’s been showing up consistently and improving his pace each week. What’s more, he’s been incorporating healthful fruits and vegetables into his daily routine and inspiring others to do the same. Great job!

Michael walks the Thomas Jefferson Park track in East Harlem as part of WeWalkWednesday community walking group.

Wellness Champion Q & A with Michael Cubetta, July 2019

  • Odyssey House site/position: Haven, Senior Case Manager
  • What’s your favorite food? That’s a difficult question; I like so many different types of food! Italian is my favorite. I love manicotti, homemade meatballs, eggplant parmigiana and homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil. Yum!
  • What’s your favorite way to stay fit? I love to swim in the ocean but the season here in NYC is very short and I’m not a fan of public pools. I also love walking and riding my bike.
  • Any words of wisdom for other OH employees looking to improve their health? Fresh fruits and vegetables are what I’d recommend. Avoid processed foods with ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Choose lean meats and also substitute beans and legumes as protein whenever possible. Grilled and baked rather than fried. Seafood is probably good for you too although I’m not a seafood lover.

Do you want to nominate an employee who simply motivates you to live healthier? Please email with the employee’s name and a few sentences as to why they deserve to be a Wellness Wednesday Champion.

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