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Crushing Covid!

Throughout the pandemic, one of Odyssey House’s main priorities has been keeping our staff and clients safe and healthy while providing life-saving treatment for New Yorkers in need. This included a six-month-long vaccination campaign.

The campaign culminated in a fun-filled “Crush Covid” event, marking the first time Odyssey House staff from across our facilities had gathered together in more than a year. Held in the backyard of our Haven housing program, the event featured a barbecue, raffles and prizes, on-site vaccinations, arts and crafts, and even a virus-shaped piñata.

The event was spearheaded by Colleen Beagen, VP, Director of Human Resources, to acknowledge the hard work of our staff and celebrate the success of maintaining our mission during a challenging year.

“I also wanted to show appreciation to all the vaccinated staff for doing their part for our community to beat this devastating virus that has taken over our lives and taken so much from so many,” said Ms. Beagen.

Increasing confidence in vaccines

Throughout the vaccination campaign, Odyssey House held webinars and Q&A sessions to inform staff and reduce hesitancy. Despite these efforts, some hesitation remained.

Therefore, the Crush Covid event also served as an opportunity to educate staff who were on the fence and encourage them to get their shot that day (except for those with exemptions). Thirteen people signed up and got vaccinated on the spot.

“Sometimes people just need to see someone they trust getting vaccinated to get on board,” said Ms. Beagen. “And having it available right there makes it more accessible.”

Chiyo Jikko, Assistant Controller, was among the staff to be vaccinated at the event. “I knew I needed to be vaccinated eventually, and the event was a great opportunity to do that. The event made me feel that I was not alone. I received a lot of support from everyone,” said Ms. Jikko.

She added, “It was great to see my colleagues face-to-face again after a long year. I am happy to feel that I am protected from COVID-19 now. I can travel again!”

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