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Building stronger families

In Odyssey House’s family-oriented communities, mothers like Carminia learn how to break the cycle of substance abuse and create a nurturing home for their children.

Mother recovery

Carminia is the proud mother of a one-year-old boy and is expecting her second child in May. A few years ago, her life looked very different. She had been abusing alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine for years, but she reached a turning point after a drunken altercation turned into a court case.

Realizing she had to make a change, Carminia started to turn her life around. Her son was born happy and healthy but tragically, Carminia’s mother passed away on the day he was born. Her death led to a relapse, destroying the fragile trust she had begun to rebuild with her loved ones.

The relapse was a wake-up call. When the court gave her the chance to come to treatment, Carminia took it. She began treatment at Odyssey House, three months pregnant, with her son in tow.

Knowing her son is in good hands allows Carminia to work on her treatment and stay focused on sobriety. She is reconnecting with her family, slowly rebuilding their trust. After she gives birth in May, Carminia will be enrolling in adult education classes to work towards her high school equivalency diploma.

“Becoming a mother changed my life – I have something to lose now. I’m here for my son as much as for myself. I understand my health is important, but I can’t see myself not being a mother to my own child. My son is counting on me.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a mother, and helping me get my life back.”

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