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Addiction & Mental Health in the News, July 20th

New York Post: More people died in NYC from drug overdoses than car crashes
By Georgett Roberts and Ben Feuerherd
The number of people who died from opioid use in the city last year was more than five times the amount killed in driving accidents, Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.

Yahoo News: The hidden victims of opioid addiction: Children in foster care
By Mikaela Conley
The surge in opioid abuse across the U.S. has claimed many victims, often young adults in the prime of life. But there are other victims as well, typically hidden from view: the children of addicts who are either orphaned or taken from parents who are unable to care for them.

Vox: Elizabeth Warren wants answers about Trump’s “pathetic” response to the opioid epidemic
By German Lopez
Eight months after the Trump administration declared a public health emergency over opioids, Warren is asking for real action.

Partnership: Study Finds “Gender Paradox” in Opioid Overdose Rates Among Young Adults
By Celia Vimont
A study of young adults who misuse opioids finds that although women have a higher prevalence of potential risk factors for overdose such as mental health issues and sexual victimization, their lifetime prevalence of overdose is similar to that of men. This suggests women may have some protective factors that mitigate overdose risk

The Washington Post: The CDC director’s deeply personal reason for fighting opioids: His son nearly died of an overdose
By Lindsey Bever and Lena H. Sun
At a conference in New Orleans, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert R. Redfield opened up about his family’s experience with opioids, saying that one of his adult children nearly died of an overdose of cocaine mixed with fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid that is 30 to 50 times stronger than heroin.

CNBC: Opioid addiction is keeping a high percentage of people out of the workforce, Fed chairman says
By Jeff Cox
The opioid crisis gripping communities across the U.S. also is taking an economic toll, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said. Those counted as not in the labor force have increased by 16 million over the past decade, or more than 20 percent.

The New York Times: New York City to Consolidate Housing Subsidy Programs
By Nikita Stewart
New York City is consolidating its system of rental subsidies after four years of complaints from landlords wary of accepting vouchers and homeless people who have tried to use the vouchers to move out of shelters.

Harlem Patch: Legal Marijuana in NY Would Do More Good than Harm, State Says
By Noah Manskar
Legalizing recreational marijuana in New York would do more good than harm, given the potential benefits to public health, social justice and the state’s coffers, a state report published Friday says. The state Department of Health’s report recommends setting up a regulated marijuana market for adults 21 and oder, but acknowledges the process of legalization will be “dynamic.”

The New York Times: A Restaurant Takes On the Opioid Crisis, One Worker at a Time
By Priya Krishna
A Kentucky couple realized that restaurants have an unusual power to help addicted people recover, and created DV8 Kitchen to hire, train and encourage them.

PIX11: Studies show rise in rate of obesity, diabetes and depression in NYC
Obesity, diabetes, depression and other serious health issues are on the rise in NYC, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The Washington Post: The shameful way race affects treatment of pain and drug addiction
By Joseph M. Gabriel
The mistaken belief that blacks suffer from less physical pain than whites still persists among medical students and physicians. So does the assumption that black people are more likely to seek narcotics for supposedly illegitimate reasons.

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