“I feel like I can finally breathe,” says Eddie, 60.

For him, our Park Avenue housing program has become his refuge. For more than two decades, Eddie has been looking for a home where he could feel safe and focus on his recovery. He used alcohol to numb the pain he felt from the loss of his loved ones. His addiction cost him everything: relationships, jobs, and his home.

IHousing Recovery Storyt also led him in and out of treatment programs. In one of these programs, a counselor saw Eddie’s full potential and suggested he apply to move into Park Avenue. Today, Eddie has been a part of our program for over a year and has become a leader in the community.

Through his experiences with alcoholism and personal turmoil, Eddie’s story of recovery is one of inspiration that many other residents can relate to. When his neighbors are in need of advice, they turn to Eddie for help. His role in the community has helped him become the floor captain, which gives him the responsibility of making sure his floor is kept clean.

Family is very important to Eddie, and his neighbors have become that to him. They have formed a tight-knit community where they work together on their future plans and live a sober lifestyle.

Housing First Plus

New generation of supportive housing services focus on healthy living with green construction and design, in-house services, and community involvement.

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I learned I need to take care of myself first, and Odyssey House lets me do that.