Kim, 56, has always been the caretaker of her family and friends, as her supportive nature made others count on her.

However, after the loss of her husband and the traumatic experience of one of her children dying, she was the one in need of support. Struggling with an addiction to crack cocaine and mental health issues, she says, “I was in crisis.” When Kim needed help, Odyssey House was there for her.

SH-KimShe first came to Odyssey House as a part of our Harbor residence, where she lived for six years until she gained the skills necessary to successfully transition to more independent living. As a part of the Tinton Avenue community, Kim continues her mental health treatment and maintains her sober lifestyle. She is one of the most valuable members of our Tinton Avenue community: in 2015 she was honored as “Tenant of the Year” for her productive attitude and her volunteerism. Kim has also been praised for her abilities to advocate for herself and the encouragement she gives her peers to adhere to mental health treatment.

“I feel good about myself again. I learned I need to take care of myself first, and Odyssey House lets me do that.”


Housing First Plus

New generation of supportive housing services focus on healthy living with green construction and design, in-house services, and community involvement.

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It’s a peaceful environment that gives me a place to focus on my recovery and stay healthy.