Vin, 21, had been trying to overcome his heroin addiction for more than a year, and when his drug problems continued into college, he came back home for additional support.

He continued working towards his degree at a local college and started managing a small construction company. Vin thought that he could stop using heroin on his own and maintain his risky lifestyle without consequence.

Heroin Recovery StoryWhen he was arrested for selling heroin, he realized he was wrong. Vin decided to come to Odyssey House to finally start a real recovery. “I have to work on rebuilding my life, and getting back to where I am supposed to be.”

Through his treatment plan, Vin is working to understand his addiction, and find the motivation to stay sober to begin a new chapter in his life. During his time at Odyssey House, he has joined the maintenance team, which allows him to work on his problem solving skills and teamwork abilities. This team also helps prepare him for the future job training he can receive in a field that interests him, such as plumbing or electrical.

Young Adults

Our gender-specific, residential programs are highly structured, peer-driven communities designed to help young adults acquire the skills to lead healthy, drug-free lives.


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I spent too much time running away from my problems. I knew I had to face them head on, without the use of drugs.
I never want to disappoint myself or my family again, so I’m making each day in treatment count.

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