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After graduating from Odyssey House in 2006, Rebecca, 65, never thought she’d be here again.

But following a few years of sober living, Rebecca stopped following her treatment plan and relapsed. When other programs failed, and knowing that it helped her before, she decided that Odyssey House was her best bet to recovery.

rebeccaEight months into her second round in our ElderCare program, Rebecca is confident she will sustain her recovery this time and “stay sober for good.” Through counseling and group meetings, Rebecca has found herself looking at recovery from a new perspective. “It only helps you if you want to help yourself,” she says. “Recovery is a life-long journey. It doesn’t end after you finish treatment.”

As Rebecca prepares to complete the program, Odyssey House is connecting her to the proper resources to find her own place. While she understands the challenges she will face when she leaves treatment, her recovery plan is equipping her with new tools and support networks that will help Rebecca live the rest of her life in a sober, fulfilling way.

Vin: Long Island
I have to work on rebuilding my life, and getting back to where I am supposed to be.
Jose: Bronx
My drug use was compromising my future, but Odyssey House is getting me back on the right track.

What services does Odyssey House provide?

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