When Phillip, 33, struggling with his party lifestyle and crystal meth use, said he needed more support, his outpatient program referred him to Odyssey House.

Since arriving at the Manor, Phillip has become an active member of the community.

His hard work and accountability have earned him multiple opportunities to take on more responsibility, working as a vocational aide for the counselors and a front desk receptionist.

“My drug use left me isolated from others. My jobs within the community have helped me rebuild the social skills I lost during my addiction and gives me the chance to connect with my peers.” His responsibilities are also helping him develop stronger time management and organizational skills.

Inspired by his mother, Phillip plans to take advantage of Odyssey House’s vocational services to work toward a degree in early childhood education. “Nothing will change if I don’t change, and change starts here.”


Our programs are highly structured, peer-driven communities designed to help clients acquire the skills to lead healthy, drug-free lives.


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