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Jose, 20, is a family-oriented person who has always worked to make his parents’ lives easier.

When the chance to make fast money arose, Jose thought he saw an opportunity. In reality it was the beginning of a life controlled by addiction. “I knew that life was not what I wanted for my future, so I looked for a program to get me on the right track.”

OdyLeadership-Josessey House is doing just that – Jose’s individualized treatment plan is helping him build the necessary skills to live a sober life. Living a group setting, Jose is able to connect with and learn from his peers as they work together towards their goals. He is also furthering his education by studying for his high school equivalency (HSE) diploma. Once he earns his diploma, Jose plans to enroll in a job training program that will allow him to find a good job and help out his parents in an honest way.

Vin: Long Island
I have to work on rebuilding my life, and getting back to where I am supposed to be.
Jose: Bronx
My drug use was compromising my future, but Odyssey House is getting me back on the right track.

What services does Odyssey House provide?

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