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Corey, 27, was born and raised in Michigan, but after a series of personal tragedies, including the death of his son and father, he needed a break.

Thinking a change of scenery would give him a fresh start, Corey moved to New York and started working for a renovation company.

Heroin Recovery StoryHowever, he wasn’t able to leave everything behind; his addiction came with him. Corey became addicted to painkillers after a car accident, which developed into a heroin habit in New York. To support his habit, he began selling heroin. When given the opportunity to face his addiction, or take the easy way out with a short sentence, Corey knew it was time to change and entered Odyssey House.

“I spent too much time running away from my problems. I knew I had to face them head on, without the use of drugs,” he says.

During his time in treatment, he has worked diligently to gain the proper resources and tools needed to overcome his addiction and strengthen his recovery. While he admits it’s not always easy living with others, he finds that the groups give him the chance to hear others’ stories and provide hope for a bright future.

Vin: Long Island
I have to work on rebuilding my life, and getting back to where I am supposed to be.
Jose: Bronx
My drug use was compromising my future, but Odyssey House is getting me back on the right track.

What services does Odyssey House provide?

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