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When Anna thinks back to the night that brought her here, when police found her unconscious in her living room, she shakes her head.

“It was the lowest point of my life.” Her addiction nearly cost her life, her independence, and her relationship with her daughter and grandchildren.

Senior-Anna Today, Anna, 58, is enrolled in our ElderCare program, where her individualized treatment plan is working to rebuild her health both physically and mentally. Through her groups, she has realized that she has the choice to stay clean, and it’s one she makes every day. The responsibility of being in charge of her own well-being has given Anna back her confidence.

Anna is moving at her own pace within the program, knowing that treatment takes time and commitment. While she sometimes struggles with maintaining her recovery, she has the full support of her family and staff to help her make the right choices and continue to move forward. “There are a lot of people depending on me. This is my best and last chance to make things right.”

Vin: Long Island
I have to work on rebuilding my life, and getting back to where I am supposed to be.
Jose: Bronx
My drug use was compromising my future, but Odyssey House is getting me back on the right track.

What services does Odyssey House provide?

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