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“I believe in second chances.”

As a member of the Odyssey House Boards of Trustees, I am inviting you to join me in supporting our 2021 Mother’s Day Campaign. This year, more than ever, we need you to help us help mothers and children in treatment and recovery.

I support Odyssey House because I believe in second chances. Learn more about why I joined the Boards of Trustees, and see how Odyssey House helps mothers in treatment build stronger families:

I am proud of the young moms at Odyssey House who, despite the challenges in their own lives, are determined to raise their children in a safe and healthy home. They are the future and it is a future full of promise. Please join me in helping them get there.

Give as generously as you can, and tell your friends why YOU support Odyssey House. Thank you.

PS – We invite you to follow our video series in celebration of moms who have been, or currently are, clients at Odyssey House. In support of our Mother’s Day 2021 campaign, they are bravely sharing their recovery journeys with us all to help end stigma around substance use disorders.

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