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What is Your Spirit Animal?

For their eighth exhibition, members of the Odyssey House Art Project explored spirit animals as a means of expression. In their review of shamanic traditions, the artists learned that spirit animals are beings that empower, guide and protect. Based on this concept, the artists selected animals that resonated with them and used a variety of mediums and techniques to produce this unique collection of artwork. Get a sneak peek at the artwork below and visit our YouTube channel to get a behind-the-scenes look at the art studio.

Odyssey House has aRecovery Art Show Spirit Animaln active and vibrant expressive arts program. Creating art helps residents find new ways to access feelings and a new medium to express these feelings. Many residents, who were socially and culturally isolated by their addiction and mental illness, are encouraged to become engaged in the creative process. For residents in recovery at Odyssey House, developing positive socialization and personal interactions are integral to their continued growth.

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