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Celebrating 10 Years of Discovery Through Art


Odyssey House and global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale celebrated ten years of creating art by members of the Odyssey House Art Project, men and women coping with substance abuse, mental illness, and homelessness.  This was the first curated show of paintings, photographs, and masks from an art collection a decade in the making.

Dr. Peter Provet, president of Odyssey House, said: “The creation of art plays a critical role in the rejuvenation of the human spirit and provides a way of reaching sensitive issues embedded in the human psych. We encourage unschooled artists in treatment to identify archetypal themes such as childhood, family, and spiritual wholeness.


“This new show explores ‘Home’ as a place where we reside spiritually, physically and psychologically.  All too often home for our clients is a transitory and undefined place of dysfunction that limits their ability to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. Developing a new vision of ‘Home’ is central to a strong recovery. Reaching a place of security and well-being within themselves prepares our clients to complete treatment and craft a functional and socially responsible life.”

“This exhibition reveals the stories of a community of resilient individuals in recovery, and brings to light a body of work with power enough to engage and inspire us all,” said Justin Peters, Global Executive Creative Director. “Given Siegel+Gale’s focus on helping organizations and individuals reach their true potential, we’re truly honored to host this celebration of creativity and join in marking the ten-year anniversary of this program.”

To see more photos from the reception, visit our Flickr page.

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