Shavar, 45, has come a long way since moving into our supportive housing building, Tinton Avenue.

He first arrived at Odyssey House Park Avenue in 2011 requiring 24-hour supervision and a high level of care; the transition to independent living following years of incarceration and mental illness proved too challenging. Once moving into Park Avenue, the level of care helped Shavar adapt to community living and encouraged him to become more independent.

Shavar PracticeAfter almost three years of being a model tenant, Shavar met the criteria for Tinton Avenue and he became the first tenant. Now that he has been a part of the community for the last few years, he continues to build an independent life and participate in the supportive services that are offered. “Odyssey House is my safety net,” he says. “It’s a peaceful environment that gives me a place to focus on my recovery and stay healthy.”

Today, Shavar is an inventor; with his patent for a wearable communication device approved, he hopes that his entrepreneurial abilities will ensure his continued success. While working on his business plan, he is also taking the time to enjoy life by trying new activities with his family, such as going to a symphony.


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I learned I need to take care of myself first, and Odyssey House lets me do that.